Shop early, relax later


Zuzana Svatik

Shop early, relax later | Zuzana Svatik

Shop early, relax later

Zuzana Svatik : Shop early, relax later

Curator: Michal Stolárik
Duration of the exhibiton: 28.5 – 26.6.2022

The exhibition project Shop early, relax later presents a coherent authorial series of objects created by Svatik on the initiative of the exhibition. A visually appealing tea set and vases of various sizes continue the artist’s artistic programme, in which she further experiments with the design of traditional forms. She disrupts the purity of shapes and harmony of curves with overexposed details that push design into new realms. Whether it is extravagantly sculpted vase lids or organic, kitsch-like ears, the artist subjects the form to strict selection and leans more towards minimalist solutions.


Shop early, relax later. The ceramic vase, as a symbol of home or imaginary family comfort, is returned to the home in a parasitic way, where, in addition to fulfilling basic functions and eye-pleasing aesthetic parameters, she brings content and themes that are even more important than the form itself. The functional object becomes a means of communication.

Zuzana Svatik (1993, Bratislava) currently lives and works in Bratislava. She studied Ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, where she is currently continuing her doctoral studies. She completed study stays in Wrocław and Jerusalem. After completing her Master’s degree, she worked in Berlin for three years, including a work placement in Monika Grabuschnigg’s studio. Her work has been exhibited at exhibitions and international shows in Prague, Paris, Berlin and Brussels. Her works are part of many local and international collections.