Pop up exhibition | blu x lavish | Jana Farmanová

popup blu x lavish

Pop up blu x lavish

Author: Jana Farmanová

Exhibition opening: 23. 09. 2021

Duration of the exhibition: 23. 09. – 23. 10. 2021

We love interesting artistic collaborations that are all about beauty.
We are delighted to present the dreamy watercolours of our favourite painter Jana Farmanova in the tasteful spaces of Lavish studio in Bratislava.
Studio Lavish presents vintage furniture pieces and mid century design. The combination of good design and art in lavish studio was exceptionally interesting. The watercolours by Jana Farmanova complemented the designer furniture very nicely and confirmed that the space gets a completely different added value thanks to the art. We are looking forward to other similar collaborations

Jana Farmanová (*1970)

is a figurative painter, working with the painterly gesture as a cultivated, concentrated unit of painterly construction. Her works are in respected institutions: the Gallery of the City of Bratislava (GMB), Nitra Gallery, Wannieck Gallery Brno (Czech Republic), Muzeum umění Olomouc (Czech Republic), Sammlung Würth (Germany) and in private collections. In 2012 she published a full-colour monograph with texts by Czech art historian Petr Vaňous, writer Eva Borušovičová, poet Mila Haugová. In 2015, she published a thematic publication on the exhibition at the Bratislava City Gallery entitled Jana Farmanová: In the Sign of the Virgin. She is one of the most important painters of the contemporary Slovak and Czech art scene, respected by viewers and art collectors.