Synthesize me


Denisa Slavkovská

Synthesize me

Synthesize me

Denisa Slavkovská : Synthesize me

Curator: Jana Babušiaková
Duration of the exhibition: 6.8 – 25.9.2022


Denisa Slavkovská has long been interested in the body as the most defining entity of existence. Gradually, her interest focused on the bodily volumes and structures themselves, associating the viewer with basal fragments familiar to them. The body as an antenna of sensations and experiences but also as an object eternally bound to various types of taboos entered the canvas through the form of skin, hairs and pores.

In her latest series, too, she progresses from large anthropomorphic wholes to their abstraction, decomposition and reassembly. However, she replaces the anatomical precision of detail to some extent with idealization and an even stronger inclination towards flat painting of organic wholes. Concrete corporal elements dissolve and merge in the imagined masses and shapes that we associate with the body and are familiar to us from close (self-)observation, but also with the invisible inner parts of the body.

Slavkovská also disrupts the experienced notion of corporeality, which is represented in the painting primarily by the colour shades of pink, orange and red.

She is deriving from our local experience of our own bodies and the bodies of those close to us.

Humanize me.

Hypnotize me.

Synthetize me.

Jana Babušiaková, curator


Denisa Slavkovská (1994 ) is a painter with interdisciplinary overlaps into graphics, object and installation. In her work she contemplates between the themes of memory of space and the phenomenon of being. She completed her bachelor studies at Technical University of Košice in the studio of graphic and experimental design. She uses minimalist language, symbols and thinks in layers and lines. During her studies, she completed various internships and residencies. Later at her master studies the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, she focuses more on the human being as a being and his mental state. In her most recent work, she pushes the possibilities of this theme and admits her fascination with the human body, shape and colour. She was a finalist for the prize – Painting of the Year 2021 and was longlisted for the STRABAG ARTAWARD INTERNATIONAL 2022. She has exhibited internationally in places such as Berlin, Kiev, Vienna and Ústí nad Labem.