my personal female hero

Peter Mačaj, curator

Kedy 7.3 – 20.4.2024

Kde: Slovenský kultúrny inštitút – Berlín, Nemecko / Slovak Cultural Institut in Berlin

Curator: Katarína Báleš Janáková

There are many women in our lives who inspire and fascinate us. But who is the one you admire the most? Who is the heroine for you, who you think goes that proverbial “extra mile”, is not afraid of life, despite obstacles and difficulties, and is admirable to you? A single mother? A scientist who has invented a cure that will save many people? A woman with all the demands that society and the world places on her? Each of the artists of our middle, young, and youngest generations brings a glimpse of her personal heroine, a prototype of the woman she admires and whom she depicts directly or metaphorically in her artworks, thus working with themes that she herself has gone through and with which she deals through her art and her work. This pop up exhibition project is realized in cooperation with the Slovak Cultural Institute in Berlin.

Participating artists :

Jana Farmanová
Silvia Krivošíková
Lucia Dovičáková
Svetlana Fialová
Martina Rötlingová
Tero Abaffy
Margaréta Petržalová
Dominika Kováčiková
Ivana Šáteková